Shiny Star red's website

welcome to my webbed site!

hello and thanks for coming over to my corner of the internet! this site is a passion project of mine that i work on in my free time, so progress is very *very* slow.

i don't have a prior coding history aside from frankensteining templates on toyhouse so my site is pretty jank, but i'm very happy and proud to be involved in webmastering. a lot of links will be broken, unfinished or both but feel free to take a look around!

all of the shrimp assets are handmade with love, please enjoy them :)


2/1/2024 happy belated new year! FINALLY starting an actual HTML course and, shockingly, it has made coding significantly easier to figure out already and it's filling in a lot of gaps i missed from just fucking around and finding out hahaha. tried messing around with using multiple fonts and it's not perfectly executed yet but i love the idea! i can't wait to hone my skills this year and have a full website crafted from my own two hands. peace and love!

17/12/2023 made a whole bunch of assets today! going hard on the shrimp stuff has been a DELIGHT :D and i can't wait to see how my little corner of the internet develops further! also figured out how to do marquees... a little embarrassing i didn't figure it out earlier, haha. too sleepy to fill in the buttons i need to on my links page and do a little 'about me' blurb but that's what my new WIP notice is for! i'm sleepy now so i'll keep pressing on another time :.]

10/12/2023 still need to make a proper button for myself + replacing some sparklies with handmade assets, but for the most part, my homepage is DONE!!! WAHOO!!!!!!! i'll keep the WIP notice until i get around to properly coding my about page lol

9/12/2023 first official site update!!! yippee!!! been trying to chip away at this since september of this year but life and various other things have kept this a lower priority. trying to work on the main home page and make the sidebars look tidy before i move on to working on everything else in my navigation :3